Roller Girls, Denver

April 10, 2008

up close

Saturday I went to see the local Red Riding Hoods play the ICT Roller Girls from Wichita Kansas. I rolled up to the bout after a training ride, and polo that had run long, so I had a good amount of “Messenger Musk” built up. This empowered me to ask to take my bike in, which they kindly obliged. On my way in I paid six dollars for a PBR tall boy, and found some space in the packed house to watch.

The Girls played rough, and a few jams where reset when both jamers ended up in the penalty box. The Hoods laid into the newer ICT girls relentlessly, knocking them down and racking up the points. ICT fought back furiously, but they could not match the more experienced Hoods, and by halftime they where lagging in points and the altitude was showing.

ICT roller girl at Denver

The halftime performance included cheer leaders, and a skate dancer. A raffle, and a competition where men popped balloons by squeezing them against the cheer leaders followed, one of the roller girls fathers participated.

Skate Dancer

The second half played out like the first: fast and rough. The Hoods kept racking up the points, the ICT girls just could not keep up. The bout finished with out any injuries, and the Red Riding Hoods won by a hefty margin. Both teams played well, and when ICT have more experience the tables could turn.

ICT roller girl down

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