Roller Girls, Denver

April 10, 2008

up close

Saturday I went to see the local Red Riding Hoods play the ICT Roller Girls from Wichita Kansas. I rolled up to the bout after a training ride, and polo that had run long, so I had a good amount of “Messenger Musk” built up. This empowered me to ask to take my bike in, which they kindly obliged. On my way in I paid six dollars for a PBR tall boy, and found some space in the packed house to watch.

The Girls played rough, and a few jams where reset when both jamers ended up in the penalty box. The Hoods laid into the newer ICT girls relentlessly, knocking them down and racking up the points. ICT fought back furiously, but they could not match the more experienced Hoods, and by halftime they where lagging in points and the altitude was showing.

ICT roller girl at Denver

The halftime performance included cheer leaders, and a skate dancer. A raffle, and a competition where men popped balloons by squeezing them against the cheer leaders followed, one of the roller girls fathers participated.

Skate Dancer

The second half played out like the first: fast and rough. The Hoods kept racking up the points, the ICT girls just could not keep up. The bout finished with out any injuries, and the Red Riding Hoods won by a hefty margin. Both teams played well, and when ICT have more experience the tables could turn.

ICT roller girl down

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Pay Day

April 10, 2008

This is one of the funniest blogs I have ever stumbled across on the internet, I thought heavily armed idiots where an American thing.

This Shits Nitro

“I can’t fucking wait for the end of the world, I’m going to go ballsitic. Just think about the fun that could be had if there were no rules, no laws, no way out…”

Yes he takes himself seriously.

Underground Tea House

March 10, 2008

I bumped into an old freind, and he told me his band was playing that night at the Underground Tea House in Denver. I got to the venue a bit early, and ended up running the keys to one of the bands cars to the driver who had locked him self out. I got back, locked up the newly finished Brew, and went in.

The first band was playing some folk songs with two guitars, but I was after the free food sprawled across tables in back. I stacked my plate and covered all the food groups with: vegan gluten-free mac and “cheese”(carbs/ funny vegan food), vegetable soup (soup), salad (green), a bagel (more carbs), and tea (tea).

The place was packed with old friends, and I caught up with a bunch of them while I stuffed my face. My mate introduced me to the girl that was putting the night on, and volunteered me to spend the show taking pictures.

The next band was Finn Riggins out of Idaho, they had an indie sound going on with female vocals and good lyrics, They seemed influnced by everything from destorted noise rock to ska. They should be playing London next summer, so I will be seeing them again.

My mate Hunter Dragon‘s band Magic Circles from Denver followed. Once they got the batteries for their key board sorted they played six instruments between the the two of them, and kept it experimental, and fun. They where followed by Denver punk influenced folky bluesy band Zebra Junction who played songs about trains, love, booze and food on the worlds smallest banjo.

The Lisps from Brooklyn followed with more folk influences and female vocals. They swung back and forth from a fast punkesque tempo to sultry slow blues through their set. They where joined and then replaced on stage by Paper Bird from Denver who played un-plugged and was led by three sirens belting old-tyme harmonies, backed up by a guitar, and a drummer who banged on the stage and himself.

By the end of the show I had shoot 300 photos, caught up with old freinds, and missed most of the snow fall. My ego got stroked by admiring comments on the newly completed Brew. I road with a ways with a new freind, then cut through City Park in the eerie blue gray of florescent street lamps, low clouds, and silence. It was me the road, and numbing cold feeling in my fingers. Soon as I crossed Colorado north of the park the wind kicked up, and some snow fell again.

Internet = Lawsuit?

February 14, 2008

In my short time as a member of there have been two lawsuits threatened against the site or its members. The first came from Tony Malone, the man who may be responsible for the downfall of Whitcomb (who are still building quality bikes but should stop listening to useless designers), he is also responsible for the Old Kent Road Cycle Co., and the copyright infringing Morpheus Cycle Co. He wanted to sue us for failing to recognize him as the god of all things design and fixed gear, and we made the outlandish claim that his 30 quid lectures on the bicycle and fashion where a tinny bit over priced.

The Second is much more important as it was aimed at me. A fashionable young man asked members of the forum for our advice on a bike he was considering purchasing, some of the forum members and my self advised him against the purchase. A few days later I found an interesting email referring to that advice here is the email, I have not edited or abridged it in any way

Ian dropped the lawsuit, and seems like a nice guy.  the whole thing is just peoples first reactions being a bit to much.

Frame building

January 11, 2008

I’m about to set off into the world of frame building. In about six hours I will be hopping aboard a greyhound bus, which will in just over a day and a half, deposit me in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. From there it’s a local bus to Boone, and then its only 30 miles not served by public transit, and I arrive in West Jefferson where I will meet up the master frame maker of BREW Bikes. Who will spend the next 5 days with me as I take an idea, some bits of metal and a tool that shoots fire, and learn how to combine them into a solid bike frame. Then I take my newly formed frame and learn the art of powder coating.