Track Attack Denver

April 7, 2008

hip messenger

Denver Lacks a velodrome, so on Good Friday we met up near the Millenium Bridge. About 30 people turned up, for matched sprints, PBR pick up, longest wheelie, best trick, and a slow race. All events where free to all comers, and they even provided free PBR.

I lost my sprint in the first heat to some one who made it to the finals. I watched some of denvers finest spin their legs off, and caught up with some old friends.

I split off for a beer run, and got back in time to roll out for the PBR pick up. Cans where laid on their side, and the rides circled around them, on “go” we moved in, and tried to grab some beer. There was some pushing for position, and i rolled up to can I like the look of, leaned over for it, and fell. I looked around,

most people had done the same and only 3 rides remained on the feild, each had a few cans, but the court was still littered with them. The winner had over ten cans tucked under his hoodie, after getting his prize we head the first one hit the ground and burst.

There where some good wheelies, and tricks, one guy spun a wheel on his head while track standing, but the highlight for me was the slow race. At the line I teamed up with the guy next to me, he had his left hand on the outside of his drops, i put my left on his stem, his right on my stem, and my right on my drops. This worked really well as we balanced the other, we were a good 3 feet behind the pack, when my partner slipped, and I went the other way.

I didn’t leave with a prize, but I had a good time.


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  1. Dad said

    Spell check! Spell check!

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