Two London Courriers Hit In One Day

March 7, 2008

Earlier this week two messengers in London where hit by lorries in one day. One had his bike totally destroyed, and ended up in hospital with a foot injury. He will be out of work until he heals up.

The other was dragged by the lorry, and is recovering after 12 hours of surgery, it is doubtful he will ever ride again. I knew him, we road for the same company he was always smiling and having the time of his life, this could not have happened to a less deserving person.

Paypal donations for both couriers can be sent to bill.chidley(anti-spam replace with @), mark all donations ‘EC Donation’.  Please give if you can.
Also please support the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund.


One Response to “Two London Courriers Hit In One Day”

  1. […] of fact, its not even Alice’s insistence on the word ‘fixie’, its that last week two messengers in London where injured by Heavy Goods Vehicles, and last month a commuter was killed by a bus, and there is no mention of […]

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