Frame Building Class Day 5

January 19, 2008

I over slept this morning, had to hurry to get dressed, and out the door, pulling a shirt on, with a coffee cup hanging out of my mouth. Its finally warm, and the snow is melting, this is what the south is supposed to feel like.

We take an early lunch because Steve’s son comes round, and we all head to the bar-be que place from day one. One of the best things about the class is Steve and Kim go out of their way to make us feel welcome in their town, showing us the good spots, and telling us a bunch of interesting stories about people and places around town, playing with their dogs, joking around and having a good time during class.

I hat my seat stays all ground in and tacked before lunch, so we take my frame out of the jig and throw it on the frame table to check the alignment. I’m a few millimeters off in front and back, but nothing serious. Steve and I get the frame welded, and after a little fiddling with the track ends its spot on. I grab the grinder, and go to town on my track ends to shape them up nicely, then its only about an hours worth of sanding, and I’m ready for the hardest part of the week: choosing a frame color.

I start out with about six choices, and slowly narrow it down to one. We clean out the powder coating equipment, chase the bottom bracket threads, and ream the seat tube. Kim and me wash the frame, and while it’s baking in the dryer I snap a ton of pictures. My classmate is catching up, and has his frame tacked by the time mine is out of the oven.

Powder coating works by using electricity to attract the color particles to the frame using positive and negative charge, this means that when you spray it, it makes an electric zapping sound like when you get got by static electricity. That is differently the second coolest thing about powder, but you have to wait until Monday to see the first.


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