Frame Building Class Day 4

January 19, 2008

I love the south because where other people see the useless result of making cornmeal; they see a delicious and notorious instant breakfast.good ol fud

When I woke up it was snowing, by the time we finished breakfast it had turned to freezing rain, the result is a wide field that looks like its covered in snow but is actually a skating rink, designed for doing hand break 360s in your classmates rental car.

At BREW we grab some morning coffee, and I tack my front triangle, and pick out my track ends and my chain stays, drill the vent holes in the bottom bracket, all before lunch. I’m getting pretty confidant that I might have the frame tacked by the end of the day.

For lunch we hit up another good local restaurant, Chinese today and I scarf down a massive spring roll and some tofu and mixed veggies.

Back at the workshop Steve helps me tack the track ends to the chain stays, and set the jig. I head over to the grinding wheel. Steve is looking at my classmates jig, “some thing is wrong” he says, “what’s your bottom Bracket height?” A consultation of the frame sheet, and some fiddling with the jig, and every thing is re-set right. They go to tack in his down tube, and it’s to short. They start cutting and grinding, and I finish off my chain stays, and tack them in.

I grab some seat stays and start grinding, after about fifteen minuets of grinding and not getting any thing close to a fit, I realize that I’ve done something wrong, and destroyed the seat stay. I trade it for a new one, and get them started. At this point exhaustion has set in, and its time to call it a night. I’m chain stays and a paint job away from a bike.


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